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Four Types Of Medical Specialty Tables Physicians Will Use

Have you ever wondered about the specialty tables used in a physician's examining room? There are various tables of specialty tables that physicians and medical specialists will use. You may find everything from the basic examining room table to more detailed tables for precise diagnosis and care. To satisfy your curiosity, here are four types of medical specialty tables and what they are used for:

1. The Basic Examining Table

This table is found in just about every physician's examining room, medical clinic or hospital emergency room. Basic exam tables have a padded seat and upholstery for patient comfort. Most are equipped with a pneumatic mechanism for easy patient positioning. They will also be constructed with a leg extension.

Many examining tables also have storage drawers on the side or in the front of the unit. These drawers will hold a roll of disposable exam crepe paper coverings or other supplies. Pelvic tilt capability is also available in many exam tables. The patient step surface will have a mat for safety. Weight capacity will typically hold over 300 pounds.

2. The Step Stool Table for Family Practice

This is the ideal and practical solution for patients of all ages. It features a built in step stool, making it easily accessible for young patients. The step stool is typically made of steel construction and pulls out for easy access. Many designs feature a 2-drawer storage compartment. The backrest may adjust to multi-positions to accommodate all patient sizes and needs.

3. The Echocardiography Ultrasound Table

When a patient requires an echo-cardiogram, this is the table that will commonly be used. When performing an ultrasound to test heart function, this table will accommodate that need. The table is ergonomically designed to help prevent injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

This table will be equipped with an articulating scanning arm board and head rest. It is constructed to provide comfort to the shoulder, arm and hand during the scanning process. With its sturdy construction, the echocardiography ultrasound table also will accommodate bariatric patients. Most tables will have wheels with swiveling casters for mobility.

4. The Recovery Table

You will find these medical specialty tables in many medical facilities and outpatient centers. They are used for patients during a post-operative procedure. It will be constructed with a firm padding and headrest for comfort and may be adjusted to a reclining position. This type of medical table is sometimes referred to a recovery couch. 

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