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4 Things To Add To Your Bathroom To Make It More Handicapped Friendly

If you have a handicapped family member who is going to be moving into your home soon, you are going to want to modify your home so that it is more comfortable for your handicapped family member. The bathroom is a space where most people want privacy, so you want to add as many modifications as possible to your bathroom to afford your handicapped family member with the privacy they need in the bathroom.

#1 Transfer Bench

A transfer bench is a bench that your loved one can use to get into the bathtub in order to bath. A transfer bench allows your loved one to sit on the side of the tub within your bathroom, and then allows you to slide over into the tub onto a seat. It is a great tool if your loved one is not able to easily climb over the division between the tub.

The legs for a transfer bench reside both inside of the tub and outside of the tub. This provides the bench with added stability. Transfer benches can be adjusted to account for the height and size of the individual who is using them. To make the transfer bench more comfortable, you can choose one that has a backrest or armrests for your relative.

#2 Bath Sponges & Hair Washers

For many individuals with disabilities, motor issues are one of the side effects of their disability. This makes it difficult for them to reach and clean all parts of their body. You can make it easier for them to bath themselves by investing in some bath sponges that are attached to long handles. Bath sponges with handles will make it easier for your relative to reach and clean all parts of their body without any additional assistance.

Washing one's hair can also be a difficult task depending in your relative's limitations. There are hair washers you can purchase that will assist them with this task. Hair washers have bristles on them that make it easier to scrub and clean one's scalp, especially if they have motor difficulties.

#3 Padded Bath Mat

One of the risks of someone who is disabled taking a bath or show on their own is the risk of falling. You can further protect your loved one by providing them with a padded bath mats. Padded bath mats are supposed to make the surface of your tub less slippery, and thus reducing the risk that your loved one will slip and fall while bathing. Padded bath mats will also provide your relative with a softer surface that provides them with more grip.

#4 Hand Held Shower

Finally, consider installing a hand-held shower in your bathroom. When one has to sit to use the shower, it can be difficult to get wet and rinse under a traditional shower. With a hand-held shower, your loved one will be able to easily move the shower head around in order to rinse all parts of their body without any additional difficulties.

Talk with your loved one to see what modifications they would appreciate in your bathroom. You want to make your bathroom as easy to use independently as possible for your loved one.  Contact a medical supplier, like Alaska Mobility, for more help.