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Precautions To Take When Cleaning The Teeth Of Small Dogs At Your Veterinary Office

Generally, cleaning the teeth of a dog will require performing maintenance while the dog is still awake, but just restrained. For smaller dogs, you may need to put them under anesthesia in order to clean their teeth. This is because their teeth are much smaller, making the process more intricate. If you are setting up your veterinary office to be equipped to perform tooth cleaning on small dogs, here are some precautions that you will need to take. 

Anesthesia monitors to check vitals

Putting a little dog under anesthesia means that you need to monitor them every minute. Since you have to be more careful with giving smaller animals anesthesia, you will need a machine that allows you to check the pulse and blood pressure of the animal. When you are performing any cleaning service under anesthesia, be sure to have another technician in the room with you in order to keep a watchful eye on the procedure and the health of the dogs via the veterinary anesthesia system. Click for more information about veterinary anesthesia machines and systems.

Install appropriate lighting

Regular room lighting will not do if you will be cleaning the teeth of animals. You will need proper operating room lighting plus small lighting sources so that you can see the teeth appropriately. If the teeth of the animal has a lot of plaque and buildup, being able to inspect the teeth will let you know how well the cleaning process is going. Upgrade the lighting inside of the operating room so that you have appropriate clinic lighting to guide your surgical work. Be sure to get a surgical operational light to place in or near the animal's mouth safely during the operation. 

Make the table comfortable

A sterile table is a good idea, but making sure that the dogs are comfortable when you place them on the operating table is just as important. Look for operating tables that are similar to those in doctors offices. A stainless steel table with a covering on top will let you operate on the animal's teeth without the animal having to lay on a cold, hard table for an hour at a time. Be sure to stock hospital linens and change them after each animal to keep up with proper cleaning procedures. Be sure that before and after operations, the linens are removed and washed with a virus and bacteria-killing chemical. In the operating rooms, you need to keep cleaning equipment to wipe down and sanitize the table.