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Tips When Purchasing An Aquafacial Unit For Skin Rejuvenation

If you have a practice that restores skin on clients, there are a lot of machines you can purchase to aid your practice. One of the more common is an aquafacial unit, which can provide deep cleansing and hydration to the skin for rejuvenation. If you're going to buy the said machine, take these precautions.

Look For Portable Unit

It's highly likely that you'll move this aquafacial unit around your facility every now and then and as such, you really would benefit from a portable unit. Wheels will give the aquafacial unit a completely mobile design, saving you from struggling with transportation.

You can roll the unit around to different spots that are appropriate for your skincare services. Just make sure that if the unit comes with wheels at the bottom, they can lock in place so that you have a stationary unit for when zero movement is needed. 

Go With Multi-Functional Design

Since you're already spending a good deal of money on an aquafacial unit for your skincare practice, you might as well get the most out of this unit. You can if you ensure it comes with a multi-functional design. This means you can do a lot of things with the aquafacial unit, which saves you from having to purchase a bunch of skincare products separately.

For instance, you can get an aquafacial unit that removes dead skin, provides a thorough clean to facial skin, and even removes acne. The more actions this unit can perform, the more valuable it will be to your skincare practice. 

Make Sure High-Quality Shipping Is Provided

Not only are aquafacial units pretty pricy, but they can be rather large. It's important to be mindful of the shipping practices so that parts aren't damaged and the system's electronics aren't thrown off their ideal calibration. 

When you speak to a supplier offering one of these units, ask them what precautions they take to prevent complications like supportive materials and professional drivers with years of experience driving with similar medical supplies. These measures will help you get an aquafacial unit that is without damage and performance issues. 

A lot of advancements have happened with skincare products, which gives skincare companies the chance to grow and invest in innovative technology and provide new treatments. If you plan on doing so with an aquafacial unit, plan out this purchase so that there are no concerns when this unit arrives.