Talking About Medical Equipment Functions and Repairs

CPAP Accessories You'll Eventually Need To Replace And When

CPAP machines help airways receive oxygenated air, which can help you breathe a lot better at night. If you have said machine, you'll eventually need to replace certain CPA accessories. Here are several accessories worth mentioning and advice on when you should exchange them for new supplies.


One of the most important parts of a CPAP machine is the mask, the component that goes over your face and helps supply your airways with oxygenated air. Eventually, this mask will experience enough wear and tear to warrant a replacement.

For example, if the air is able to leak out of portions of the mask no matter what you do, that's a good sign to find a replacement. Continuing to use said CPAP accessory is only going to negatively impact your CPAP machine's performance and thus prevent you from getting good sleep on a consistent basis. 


To keep your CPAP mask secure over your mouth at night, you'll need to rely on a headgear system. This component has the ability to stretch, but after a while, these stretching abilities may begin to fade. If this has happened to your headgear, you should find a replacement. That's essential for ensuring the mask fits around your mouth correctly and comfortably throughout the entire night.

Another problem that can happen to this headgear is some of the straps break off completely. Instead of trying to repair them, just find a replacement that is in perfect condition.


Thanks to filters, your CPAP machine is able to send clean, oxygenated air to your airways. Unfortunately, these filters aren't made to last forever. They will reach a point of failure and you need to know when this is so that you can find replacements just in time to keep your CPAP machine working safely and effectively at all times.

You can either replace this CPAP accessory at a time interval that manufacturers suggest or you can just monitor its physical condition. Typically, if it has faded in color and has lost its structural properties, that's a good sign to find replacement filters as soon as you can.

You can effectively treat sleep apnea thanks to CPAP machines. If you have said machine and want it performing optimally long-term, you'll need to eventually find replacement CPAP accessories. As long as you focus on the right parts and switch them out appropriately, this machine will continue helping you breathe better when sleeping. Contact a CPAP accessory re-supply service near you to learn more.