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What You Should Know Before Traveling With Your CPAP Machine

CPAP machines are prescribed to people who need help with obstructions someone may have during the night. These obstructions deal with breathing and the respiratory system as a whole. For many CPAP machines are used at home and on a nightly basis. However, there are people that may need to travel for various reasons. When this happens, the question comes up of what to do about your CPAP and how to travel with it. Here are some tips for traveling with your machine and what you need to know about caring for the machine during travel. 

Pack Extra Supplies

When you are traveling, you may not know what CPAP suppliers are on the way or in your destination location. You also don't know what supplies they have on hand and what supplies take days or weeks to get in. For this reason, you should pack extra supplies. These supplies should consist of an extra battery as well as extra cleaning supplies and parts of your machine that may break down or stop working. In some cases, CPAP machine users may also bring a second machine if there is room and if they know they will be away for longer than a few days. 

Your Prescription

It is vital that you travel with a copy of the prescription. Having your prescription with you is important for several reasons. One of the main reasons is proving that you are legally allowed and the one that is prescribed to the CPAP machine. There are some cases, such as in airport TSA lines, where your CPAP may be checked. Sometimes these professionals will need to check your bags, the items in your bag, and any prescriptions or medical devices. By having a copy of the prescription, you can clear up any questions and confusion quickly. 

Extension Cords

Depending on where you will be sleeping, you may need an extension cord for your machine. This is because a hotel room or someone's home may have the right plugs, but they are a few feet away. The original CPAP machine cord may only reach a small distance. This means you will need to plan a different way to sleep or go without the machine that night. Instead, bring an extension cord with you to make sure you have extended options for your setup. 

These are just a few of the tips and tricks for traveling with your CPAP machine. If you are concerned about the size of your machine and travel, discuss the concerns with your doctor. If you travel often, your doctor may be able to prescribe a smaller machine that is designed for travel and suitcase carry. If you have any other concerns about traveling with your machine, discuss them with your doctor. They can help you with the answers or options available to you. 

For more info about CPAP machines, contact a local company.